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Our Policies and Terms

Payment Policy: We try to ship within 7-10 business days (Mon-Fri) of receiving order. All orders are shipped with delivery confirmation. If confirmation shows "Delivered" we are not responsible for replacing shipment please contact the carrier about your package as we have no control over package once it leaves our office. You can request "insurance" if you wish.

Our wall decals are reusable and should remove from most surfaces. A blow dryer on "warm setting" is recommended when removing the details to help soften the adhesive before peeling decal from wall. You should pull the decal slowly downward in a 180 degrees direction to avoid stress on the wall as you peel.

Because of the wide variety of wall surfaces, their conditions and the user's techniques, we cannot be held responsible for difficulties experienced when removing the decals or any damage left to the surfaces.

There is a possibility that some paint touch up might be required if you experience some paint flakes on the back of the decals when removing it. Should you NOT be willing to do a "touch up" then you should NOT purchase decals from ANY vendor.

Anytime you use an adhesive based product on a surface there is a risk of having minor paint flaking. Anyone that claims otherwise is being unrealistic as each surface is different.